My name is Daria Jabenko, I’m an award winning illustrator and animator. Some of my clients include: Cosmopolitan, Elle, Madame, Hallmark, Papyrus, Conde Nast Germany, McLaren McCann and many other big brands worldwide.

I work as a freelancer around the world, my work includes creative for luxury magazines, advertising campaigns, book illustrations, commercial animation, and many more design work. I am also a designer of luxurious silk scarves. I am always open for new ideas, clients and proposals. Send me a message here if you would like to discuss a project or opportunity.

Some words about myself, I’m originally from Moscow, Russia but for many years have been living in Toronto, Canada and Nice, France. I am inspired by royal gardens surrounded by roses and golden fountains, the morning sunshine and this romantic breeze that touches my heart and soul with daydreaming, abundant joy, and love. I want to inspire people to live in such world, where dreams and reality are one at the same time. Illustration for me is a world of dreams, love and happiness. It gives me an ability to express my feelings and touch people’s hearts and souls. I always seeks for inspiration. I love a warm cup of tea on a crisp autumn morning, an abundance of blossoming roses, jazz playing smoothly on the background…